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Originally Posted by Antonmb View Post
Stephen, I really donít have an answer to your question, I donít know if Linn is measuring leakage current. They have published a fair amount of information on their power supply designs which can be found through an internet search. Iím also sure Linn would respond to the question if asked. Having said that, Iím afraid the technical aspects are a bit beyond my grasp, I only know what I hear and what others have reported hearing - their systems sound great. Whatever they may or may not have done about measuring and addressing leakage current, either theyíve addressed it effectively, or it doesnít have a meaningful impact in their equipment, or the other advantages they have created with their design offset it.
All really good points, Tony. I fully acknowledge that this is pretty darn complex stuff; I had a to spend a lot of time studying and learning about it when I had to write the EtherREGEN review for TAS. It's...complicated. It took me a lot of reading and re-reading to get my head 'round it as I am not a digital signals processing engineer. I spent a lot time reading about what a flip-flop is, and how it can impact audio performance.

My personal view is, that with many "noise components", we often don't know they are there until they are gone. Just look at the work that Caelin and Shunyata have done over the last 20+ years to completely change and inform everyone's understanding about the impact of noise on our audio systems.

The reason I'm asking about (more like harping on) high-source leakage impedance current is that 1) it was only discovered in Oct. 2017 by John Swenson and 2) John had to develop bespoke, very specialized, test equipment, even to measure it. It's clear from the work John and Uptone have done with the EtherREGEN that it's impact on audio quality is significant.

And, I'm just asking EvaAnna, Bruno and they even know about it? If not, they should, and, IMHO, they should be measuring it.
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