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Originally Posted by bcarey13 View Post
I just put this setup together and I couldn't be happier. Out of the gate it was the sound I was hoping for. I was concerned that the power hungry Thiels would be too much for 110wpc BATS. Before I bought them I did a bunch of searching to see if anyone had used them together but nothing. The Thiels spend most of their time below 3 ohms and dip down to 2.3ohms. I was using a Mcintosh MC500 to drive them and before that a MC7270. I'm just amazed that my wife and I listen at a lower volume on the pre, than we did with SS 500wpc. The sound is just incredible and they pair great with the Thiels. I've been through about half a dozen amps in the past two years and these are special for sure.

We've been averaging about 5-6 hours a day listening for the past two weeks. We just don't want to turn it off. My wife has been staying up past me lately listening so I had to teach her how to shut everything down correctly.

That's the BAT magic... Congrats on your purchase! Use them in good health!
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