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Originally Posted by Bombadil View Post
The only tubes other than a 6SN7 which I've used in my Firebottle SE KT88 HO were 6SL7 and 6BX7. Didn't like either one of them as, to my ears, they made my amp sound more shrill. Lots of high frequency energy and detail but too much so, less so with the 6BX7.
Iíve noticed some bad tube combos that resulted in shrillness. While the GE 6sn7 with KT88 tubes had an open, super clear sound, the 7n7 with Kt88 (and kt66) had too much high frequency energy. The 7n7 and the 7581a on the other hand is an amazing combo. Itís ďthickerĒ but the bass and lushness are intoxicating. I fully anticipate messing with output tubes again when I try the 6bx7.
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