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Very interesting .... looking forward to additional measurements / impressions once you hit the 400 hour mark! Hard to believe that "break in" takes THAT long, but ... stranger things have happened. If they even come close to the 30.1's at that price - that will be amazing! Many, many enthusiasts for audio simply can't afford Harbeth's, Dynaudio's, JA's, Revel's, etc. So, your measurements, educated ear and overall impressions will be informative. Might also be interesting (as an adjunct) to see if there is a low cost speaker cable that mates up reasonably well with the GR's. AQ Type 4, Cardas Crosslink, Kimber VS series, entry level WireWorld, Blue Jeans ???, etc. For the person out there scraping together $800+ for some decent speaker, they may not have $$$ left for more esoteric speaker cable? Just an idea :-)
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