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Originally Posted by SCAudiophile View Post
EXACTLY! That is one of the reasons I had them built needing 4ch of external amps vs only 2 or fully self-powered (also an option) to allow ultimate fun in the future experimenting with cables and amps for mids and treble separately as audiophile winds and whims change. This is a true destination speaker so I plan on having some fun down the road with its myriad possibilities. I held off 4+ years before ordering them, heard them multiple times, tried another top10 (IMHO speaker), several others owned or loaned, hit two Munich shows and heard countless other top flight speakers along the way in homes and dealers plus Munich shows. That all confirmed what I believed which led to getting them last June and being 100% in my choice.
Mark, very impressive, great choice, looking forward to see where this flexibility will lead you
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