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Originally Posted by wenhaw View Post
Hello guys, I'm relatively new to the forum and have read with interest on the topic of the MHDT Orchid and the Abbas dac. I'm hoping for some insight and advice in order to make my decision.

I have owned the Orchid for around 2 years now (running stock with a change of tube to a Mullard 7308 with an adaptor) and am looking for a possible upgrade.

I have been researching the following 3 Dacs as a possible replacement to the Orchid.

1. SW1X Dac III Standard
2. Abbas DAC 2.3 SE / 3.1 SE
3. Wells Audio Cipher DAC

I was almost dead-set on 1 of the Abbas options until I read a post where FloridaBoy wrote that the Orchid and Abbas are more similar than dissimilar.

Where I'm from (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), it's practically imposible to hear these non-mainstream dacs in action.

Would love to get some feedback from members who have been able to compare these dacs. If it's not worth the upgrade then the funds will be spent elsewhere in the chain.
he might chime in but I happen to know while FB likes and still owns both, he mentions using the Orchid and comparing it to another non-tube Japanese DAC.Also, recall a conversation about the Abbas being slightly darker. I own and use the Orchid and have had good luck trying and comparing the GE5670 5 star triple mica (brighter) vs. WE396A (softer, laid back) vs. the Tesla (midway) tube. Both of us use and prefer the Tesla tube in the Orchid.And, we both tried different coupling caps in the Orchid for a different presentation. The stock caps are pretty nice yet I went with Mundorfs and think FB went with Arizona Blues or Reds, don't recall exactly. One thing for sure, if you put your Orchid up for sale, they are sought after on the used market. Good luck!
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