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Default who is keeping their Ref 75se?

I recently bought a Ref 160s, which sounds great. And with only 20 hours on it, I am sure it will sound much, much better as time goes on. But that said, I have NO desire to sell my 75se. It is still one of the best amps I have heard. Just wondering for those in the same or similar situation, are you still keeping the ref75se?
There is something about the style, sound, simplicity, and purity which I just don't want to part with, even if it goes in to semi-retirement. The classic meters on the faceplate, the "screw you if you are not balanced" attitude, the adequate but not overdone power, the just enough and not too muchness of the thing, I like it all!
I see that it is still listed on the ARC site as available new, yet I also see them discounted online from some ARC dealers. Interestingly, the discounted price is about the same as the discounted Ref150se...
I know the words "timeless classic" and "keeper" get tossed around, but I really think the Ref75se qualifies as both!
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