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Originally Posted by cohsystms View Post
Hi Pete,
I read with interest your comments with the eau2 (electraclear audiophile unit II) in your system. This is not a power filter but an AC harmonic resonance generator.
Please indulge me now: ADD-Powr is about adding harmonic energy to the power line, power supplies, and the audio signal itself. The eau2 uses the AC 60 Hz to generate patterns of square waves that are reflected upon the AC line. The eminent 18th century physicist, Fourier, discovered that square waves are composed of sine waves of various harmonic frequencies.
The tiny square waves imposed upon the AC are too low in frequency to be filtered by your component power supplies. Thus, the patterns get through to the DC reference, or AC reference ( in the case of tube amps). Remember, the square waves contain sine waves starting from a low frequency harmonic under 60 Hz and scale up in frequency into the audio range. They decrease in intensity going higher in the audio range.
Okay, so what? The key is that these sine wave harmonics will resonate with whatever frequencies are being processed and amplified by the component (amp, pre-amp, DAC, etc.) - that is, the audio program input signal.
Resonance means that when something is vibrating at a certain frequency comes into contact with another thing of like frequency, then there is an increase in energy from this interaction. Resonance occurs in the audio program material because there are like frequencies interacting with it from the power supply reference.
Therefore, all of the audio signal, including harmonics that were hardly audible, now become more prominent because of resonance! This is what the eau2 does.
Do you start to understand and get the idea?

Thanks for your kind comments.

Bill - thank you for the explanation. Yes, square waves have all the odd harmonics of the base frequency (3, 5, 7, etc) - triangle waves have the evens (2, 4, 6, etc) for example.
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