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Default Anyone? Marvin Gaye What's Going On Super Vinyl

here are additional UD1S 45rpm titles that are forthcoming (supposedly), I use that term loosely, using recent history as a guide we should see these titles sometime in next 3 years, I have a screen shot of a MD order of these albums posted on Fb last summer but canít find it at the moment, donít know if it was a deep fake but the BS&T did come to fruition.

Eric Clapton Unplugged
Muddy Waters Folk Singer
Cannonball Something Else
Elvis From Elvis In Memphis
Paul Simon Still Crazy
Paul Simon There Goes

So far, only the BS&T have been listed for preorder. I hope the Clapton and Simon titles become a reality. The Clapton is an all time favorite album of mine, even if itís another digital recording (DDD) picked for a $125 LP, Iím sure it will sound fantastic just like the all digital Donald Fagan one step.

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