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Originally Posted by Ankkor View Post
I have been reading through the Bartok manual and trying to understand how it would work for me.
Would I use ethernet cable from the router to the Bartok and then log into Deezer right in the Mosaic app?
If I connect my NAS to the router will Mosaic app see those high res files automatically?
What sources have you guys used that have worked well. Thanks!
Ankkor - The dCS Mosaic app does have the ability to see both of those things. I have the Rossini DAC.......I have an ethernet cable run directly to the Rossini and use the Mosaic app to control which source I use, whether it be Tidal or Qobuz. I do have an NAS I use for housewide tunes and the Mosaic app does see that as well. The Mosaic app is extremely user friendly and works without a hitch. It doesn't have anywhere near the functionality or features of ROON, but if you want to keep it simple, it's flawless. BTW, you do log directly into your online streaming account through Mosaic.

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