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Default What's good about and what's better than the PMC MB2se's?

I've had the PMC's for about 2 years listening time. Mostly they were underpowered being fed by PassLabs XA25. But then I connected first my HT Marantz 8805/8077 pair then my ARC D240 MKII. And it has completely, changed the speaker output profile. Much more bass, soundstage, and oomph. So... I have assigned it to HT duties where it performs spectacularly well.

During this time, I installed a new amp and horn speakers. I connected the MB2SE speakers to the same amp and then followed the arrival of an end of journey power amp, the Luxman M900u.

The speakers are hand-made by Viking Acoustics and use two 12" woofers and a 21" horn-loaded 7" mid-range along with the Alnico super tweeter. These are glorious and outperform the PMC's across the range. Even greater soundstage, mid and treble spread, plus strong powerful bass.

But horses for courses, the MB2SE's will fit the HT role far better as their deeper bass pressure suits the HT sound profile. And the VA's fulfill music duty powered gloriously by the Luxman amp. Everyone who's heard this combo says its glorious and the best they've ever heard, including a guy in the music recording industry.
Let me know if you have any issues accessing the pics...

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