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Hey Arr_w,
I've spent the last few days struggling to tame the bass on the O96 with my Leben CS600. I swapped out my tubes from Philips EL34 to the popular Russian 6n3ce tube. That helped a bit. My room is 14x17 with no 3rd wall (which would be the 2nd short wall). With the Nines I positioned them against the short wall and that sounded best. With the O96, I positioned them against the long wall and that sounds best to my ears, the short wall position caused way too much bass that muddied my most favorite recordings. Alison Krauss and her lower registers were ruined, and I couldn't have that.

After positioning them on the long wall there was significantly wider and deeper sound stage, no doubt because now I have them spaced about 9ft apart and only 3ft from the rear wall (due to wife restrictions). I'm listening about 10-11ft away. Still, this has given the best sound I've heard in my room and has tamed the bass considerably to where I no longer consider it an issue. I'm just enjoying the music now.

Good luck figuring your low frequency problem out, I know it can be frustrating.
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