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Originally Posted by thyname View Post
I will say one thing now that my Esoteric N-01XD arrived: it blew the MSB Discrete out of the water. Hands down.

This is an astonishing DAC. Very happy with my purchase. By far the best impact on my overall system I have ever had. And I have had a lot. Speakers, amps, you name it. Nuf said
That's not hard to believe at all from my perspective. Last year in Munich I went directly from the Esoteric P1X and D1X combo (same FPGA DACs but dual mono boxes) to find the full MSB Select multibox top of the line setup which was to my ears not musically exciting and not what I was hoping to hear from a 100K DAC-only stack in terms of soundstage, imaging, transparency. Opinions vary I know however, to me Esoteric is sitting atop the mountain with these new in-house DACs and all they surround them with in the build.

There was mention of Roon earlier,...according to their site, Esoteric says they are working to finalize Roon Ready certification for the N-01XD for those interested.

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