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Hi Dan, I have a Harmony Hub with the Companion remote and it has worked well for me. I have had it for about a year. The remote has great feel, it controls all of my HT devices well (even my 20 year old Marantz), and it was easy to set up. Having now used an RF remote + Hub, I could not go back to a directional IR control.

The only issue I have experienced with the hub is that it will often drop off my Wifi Network for a minute or two (there is no Ethernet connector on the back otherwise it would be wired in). I tried two different hubs, both experienced this issue. The workaround was to switch the Hub from using Wifi to control of my Roku to IR. IR works better anyways, the Roku receives IR remote signals more quickly than over Wifi so I can fast forward through commercials more quickly. Overall, Logitech tech support was helpful and easy to work with. I don't use smartphone control except to adjust remote settings occasionally.

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