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I am enjoying reading the comments and also looking at the pictures on this Shindo thread. I had a couple of questions for Shindo owners and would appreciate any responses. I am interested in getting a Montille amp with an Aurieges preamp along with Shindo ICs and A23 speaker cables. They would be powering my Audio Note AN-E SPe HE speakers that are 97.5db efficient. I would like to continue using my Manley Labs Chinook SE MKII phono stage with VPI Prime TT. I do not listen to digital. The Chinook offers me the flexibility to use most cartridges while if I were to use the A23 SUT I would be somewhat limited. Also, all my equipment was recently purchased new and I am not in a hurry to change any pieces out. My first question is will using my phono stage instead of the SUT compromise the Shindo sound? My second question is is there a difference in sound quality between the Aurieges L versus the Aurieges MM? I do not have any need for the MM section since I would be only using MC carts.
Any advice or comments on these two areas would be very much appreciated.
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