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Jerome, based on my limited experience and I am sure others who have more time with Shindo under their belt will agree and based on the many threads I have read elsewhere about Shindo, magic exists on a different plane all together when there is a full Shindo setup.

I have little doubt you will love the C-C-Q but... I doubt you will get the full dose of magic Shindo is capable of. You will need a Shindo preamp to go with the amps.

Even the little things that we often take for granted change much of the Shindo voice. Just today I received another pair of Shindo ICs, big difference once again! I took out the power conditioner I was using (RGPC), huge difference! Added the Auditorium 23 speakers cables, WOW!!!!

It really seems and this has been said many times in many discussions, if you want the full Shindo effect, you have to go "all in" and take the systematic approach of all around synergy to optimize your Shindo system. Starting from the various speakers that have been proven to work, full Shindo gear, Shindo or at least A23 cables to plumb the system, otherwise you may not experience the true magic Shindo is capable of.

Many think Shindo is some kind of laid back, warm and cuddly sounding gear that does not resolve the details in the recordings and skews the tonal balance where everything sounds euphoric and colored. This has not been my experience at all! Every day, record after record, CD after CD, I can clearly hear all the little nuances and details that I have not noticed before. The difference between the various recordings is more evident than with most of the gear I have owned before.

The point to point wiring, the carefully selected components, the choice of tubes and topology that brings out the very best out of them, makes Shindo a very purist approach and one that really does open up a new window into your recordings. The resolution and detail is all there, it is not forced onto you like much of the other gear out there, that much is true but this is what makes the Shindo so unique. Most of the music and all but the very terribly dynamic range compressed and hot and heavy handed mastered recordings come across sublime. Not in the sense that they are rosy colored, nope, what you get is that unbelievable harmonic bloom, the naturalness of the vocals and instruments, the timbral sweetness of how an instrument is supposed to sound like, well, it sounds like music that is more real. Of course the immediacy, palpability, the three dimensionality of the instruments opened up in front of you that a SET amp can do, it simply makes you forget you are listening to a recording! It sounds more live!

The most important and this was an epiphany for me, is the way the instruments in a recording suddenly have an interdependent relationship to each other (A23 speaker cables brought this on) it's as if I am hearing my music collection for the first time and all the gear I have owned before was able to spot light every instrument but there was no musical connection between them. Now it is there. I don't know quite how to explain that phenomenon but I guess everyone who listens to a full Shindo, properly setup system walks away in amazement and I am very amazed and impressed right now as well. There must be something very right and very natural about Shindo sound that allows people to comprehend and connect with what they are hearing much better. I've noticed that with Lamm gear as well but not nearly to this extent as Shindo has presented me with.

Whatever you decide and I really do hope you pull the trigger on Shindo and experience it, I hope you have the patience to see the project through to the end and experience the FULL SHINDO EFFECT!

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