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Hello gents,

I am waking up this thread about A23 IC cables. But first I think I should introduce myself a bit. I leave in Belgium and I am 48 years old. I own some A23 stuff: A23 Rondo speakers but not only, A23 speaker cables that were done by Keith for me last year as I needed 2x5 meters, and since recently the owner of original A23 IC. I do not own any Shindo electronics, and will not, too tricky in Europe.

I am considering the option to change the switchcraft connectors for Klei Harmony Silver and wonder if anyone has tried this combo? Of course I have a goal: try and see if this IC cable can go even better. I do not want to destroy the nice balance of this cable, and I have nothing to complain about it, but just ameliorate it, if possible. Klei connectors did not exist at the time when Keith designed the IC cables, and we know the quality of the Klei connectors.

Wish a great day guys,

Greatings from Belgium.

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