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Oh, youíll hear a difference. I drive my 611s with the same setup.

I had a P15, and wanted to try something different with the Denali (full loom). Itís quieter, but the cables took a bit to break in (was missing some weight for 3 weeks that the P15 hadó I know shunyata has their pre burn in process). Not entirely fair to the P15 because the 20amp EX wouldnít fit it and I didnít have an adapter. I miss the additional protection of the P15 and didnít have the opportunity to compare daytime noise elimination (neighbors didnít cooperate with leaving on vacation as when I compared the P15 a few years ago). The Full loom seems more analytical with the additional separation of sounds, but Iím growing to like it. If I could get past the (now rare) urge to tip the tone a bit on 80s music, I might go for a c1100 to widen the stage more.
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