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Originally Posted by BuffaloBill View Post
Very different indeed. PMC has a combination of design features not found in other speakers. Transmissioin line bass loading, dome midrange, 'reversed basket' high-excursion woofer, large 4th-order 24db steep crossover network, thick high density HDF (Medite) cabinet, more...

I never though that i would fall i love with a “big baffled”
Speakers having heard tannoy numerous times. Thiis
Is definitely a seious contender to anybody looking for
A middle ground of the “ying and yang” spectrum. One
End gives you the magico, yg etc. While the other end
Gives you harbeth, spendor and other bbc inspires

I just hope there’s no incoming new model since this present
Model is 8 years old already.

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