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The LCD-X is indeed designed to be easier to drive with the "lowish" 20 ohms impedance and 103dB/1mw sensitivity.

The listening habits, such as what you perceive to be adequate and entertaining volume level will vary from individual to individual. Be careful as headphone listening is very deceptive and deceiving. All too easy to get carried away and listen at levels way too loud and cause some hearing damage long term.

The LCD-X is designed to produce over 130dB max SPL with ease and one would be surprised just how loud some of the transient peaks are with dynamic music passages. Use caution as to how loud you listen.

So technically the C2600 and C50 should have adequate drive for the LCD-X but a well designed and dedicated headphone amp is almost always a big step up in power reserves and hence often more engaging and effortless presentation from any type of headphone and especially planar.

Shame Audeze does not produce their Deckard DAC/Headphone amp anymore as it really is a wonderful headphone amp for the money. It is perfect for a computer interfaced/desk headphone amp. That is what I use. I also use the Deckard variable "output" to drive the "input" on my Woo Audio WA6 tube headphone amp (pre-gain setup) for my 300 ohm Sennheiser and ZMF headphones.

The real treat is sitting down behind the main system with the ZMF headphones and let the PrimaLuna HP drive them with all 14 Tubes direct! Talk about a liquid, romantic, lush yet dynamic presentation that makes me forget about the rest of the world in an instant. Close the eyes and you are there!

So yes, a high quality dedicated headphone amp is always a treat for serious headphone listening but the LCD-X can be enjoyed over portable and built in headphone stage devices up to a point and the results will obviously vary.

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