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Originally Posted by MyPal View Post
iRule is nice plug n play for IOS & Android but they don't make serious remotes. Yes I am looking for IP based device control for my panels as well as an IP gateway, but that is secondary to having an additive control centre & a nimble one handed remote control. It is secondary, because I expect it to be a given. You still need IR conversion for nearly all devices today & in the foreseeable future. Bonus if your device has IP control or RS232 interface.

Also, drag & drop or device to activity registration is too simplistic & does not offer any conditional complexity like URC or Crestron.
I assure you I have more devices in my house than you do and all are IP controllable

A one handed remote is so old school a device and iRule will afford any "conditional" complexity any reasonable house would need....

You need to look beyond the old stuff
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