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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
Started puchasing CDs when they were providing "perfect sound" in '84. Since the turn of the century I probably haven't purchased more than 4 or 5 a year and almost all of them are SACDs. I have around 900 taking up space. Attempted to sell them (less the SACDs) as a lot recently. Zero interest from used media shops. Don't think I've purchased a CD/SACD in at least 3yr.
The shops don't sell many of the ones they have, perhaps. It's either vinyl or streaming now, maybe downloads. I bought my first CD in 1986, same year I bought my first CD player (a $180 JVC). I still have that CD, and it still serves as an audition/test disc. Tower Records was my friend, as was J&R Music World.

I'd also thought about trying the MC section of my C2300, which has regular JJ tubes, as opposed to the Hi-Performance gold ones I used before. My cart is a Grado Sonata 3 Timbre, and low output. Maybe the MC circuit compensates for the low output and will play at similar levels to the linestage. Using the MM section, I have to turn up the volume much more than when I used a legit MM cartridge there. If the volume is nice, then I'd swap the tubes in the MM and MC slots.
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