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Default Anyone? Marvin Gaye What's Going On Super Vinyl

Well I spun the Fragile album the other day . I was expecting to be blown away, I was . Not for the sound but for the noise on the record , It had so many pops and clicks . I was pissed that I payed a premium for this crap. I emailed Mofi for a refund, well they donít, only from the seller. I bought the record in PA Iím in Wi so much for that . Mofi did explain that the record could have what they call ďhornsĒ that may be left behind from the pressing. They do not remove these horns after pressing felling it could compromise the high frequency of the pressing stating, a couple of plays should clear things up . I was very skeptical but I did play it again . To my surprise much of the noise was gone maybe Mofi was onto something . Well before I left home I played it again OMG [emoji44] the sound was fantastic , beautiful highs and tight lows a very pleasingly dynamic sound and dead quiet . Now Iím happy .
I did clean the records before the initial play . My playback consist of a Mcintosh MT5 with a Hana ML cartridge with WW silver eclipse 8 feeding the Mc input on a MA9000 set at 200 ohms.
I wonder how the regular MoFi 45 will sound compared to this .
Iím happy with my purchase.

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