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I recently decided to try the free trial offered by Add-Powr and audition the Wizard in my system. Ivan made it happen in his usual faster than promised manner.

My ‘power’ system has evolved recently with the replacement of my PS Audio P10 by a Shunyata Denali 6000/s v2 and the connection of my entire system into the Denali with the downstream help of a PS Audio Dectet. The Denali is plugged into its own 20 Amp line.

Enter the Wizard. After hearing the effect of these products is immediate and obvious, I was skeptical and that didn’t change when I powered up my Wizard. Wait, what? How could I not hear anything?

Enter my buddy, fellow AA’er JGlacken who upon a very quick listen, asked what I did - immediately - after I disconnected the Wizard from the wall but blindly to him. Hmmm, maybe there is something there? Let me digress.

For the first week or so with the Wizard, I thought I heard a change in the sonic character of things with it was plugged in but I have learned not to trust myself that much when it comes to comparing sound - even a few seconds apart.

Jeff’s reaction proves there was an effect but now to work on whether or not it was a beneficial effect. I surmised that I couldn’t hear the immediate changes as I was actually unplugging and plugging in the Wizard in the direct center of my soundstage on the front wall. With Jeff sitting in my chair, he heard the effect immediately.

So how to decide if it is a benefit? Upon Ivan’s suggestion, I purchased a wireless wall switch that allows me to turn the Wizard off/on while sitting in my chair.


After some experimentation, I ended up plugging the Wizard into the open outlet of the same 20 amp circuit the Denali is plugged into. (Which was also Ivan’s suggestion) Having it anywhere else on any circuit available in the room diluted the effect too much to be heard.

What both Jeff and I heard was added weight with the Wizard in. In my system it is subtle but obvious. Almost like a subtle Loudness button has been pressed.

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