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Having never owned Dynaudio speakers, I can only say that the pairs I've listened to at shows were always underwhelming. Especially their top-end monitors. Having owned a pair of the previous generation Focal 1008BeIIs, it remains the favorite of the monitor speakers I've had in my system. Having listened to the Sopra speakers at my nearest dealer, I've heard no reason to change my thinking. Also, the Sopra is more than twice as efficient & at 8ohm, a much easier speaker to drive than is the Dynaudio, making it friendly to a much wider range of amps (tube or solid-state). And, if you measure your high-end gear "by the pound" (not unreasonable), then the Sopra weighs close to twice what the Dyaudio weighs. Both have stunning build quality. But, would be Sopra for me.
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