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One of the best improvements for the lowest cost I have done for my rig and my room - Room Treatments.

My setup is in a partial basement, so there is concrete ALL around me. I call it my Audio Bunker!!! Talk about room gain for the low end, and reflections??!!??!!

So in the end I have 23 absorption panels (GIK and DIY) and 4 Diffusors. For the low end I used to have +/- 20dB swings in response and after all the treatments, my low end now only has +/- 5dB's of swing. The bass is far less boomy and most comment how well my low end sounds. Along with the improvement in the bass and mid-bass areas the mids and highs also got cleaned up (less comb filtering, late reflections, etc.) and is detailed but not edgy or bright.

Best thing IMO is traps in all four corners of your room, floor to ceiling, if your significant other (if you have one) also approves. And then first reflection points after that.

GIK Acoustics (Glenn & Brian) or Real Traps (Ethan) are great people to deal with and will be more than glad to help you with your room and what treatments they would suggest using. This is even before you purchase any of their products.
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