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Default Harbeth 30.2 in-room measurements with REW 5.20

Got my new Dayton NIST-traceable calibration USB mic today from MiniDSP today. Only $89. Measurements are now easier as I don’t need to use the M-Audio mic preamp anymore, just plug in to a USB port and go.

With that, I decided to do some in-room measurements of my Harbeth 30.2 40th Anniv speakers using REW 5.20. The responses were based on where I had previously set the controls my REL R-305 to integrate with my larger Dynaudio Contour S3.4s back in the day, so the sub has not been "optimized" for the 'Beth. I just plugged in the mic, attached the output cables and measured both the L and R channels from one of my reference listening positions (the quasi-nearfield equilateral triangle listening position). The mic was set at 90 (vertical) and the height was at my ear level. All measurements of positions of the speakers to the front wall, toe-in, and mic positions were measured using a laser tape measure. The 90 mic calibration file was used as the reference mic file. Target SPL was 74 dB, which is about as loud as I ever listen.

Shown here are the individual left and right Harbeth 30.2 frequency response plots in REW, using 1/3 octave smoothing. Red is the right channel, Green is the Left channel.

This plot depicts the L and R channels "averaged" in REW. Still using 1/3 octave smoothing.

Overall, not bad. I'll likely go back and tweak the settings on the sub a bit, but pretty pleased with how close this is out of the box, so to speak.

Overall, the 'Beths are pretty smooth across the board.
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