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Default I don't understand it....

Years ago, I was a bit of a skeptic on how much impact the various power-delivery products (AC filters, regenerators, and so on) could have on a high-end system. But I have gradually become a big believer, to my own surprise. In the last few years, along with other tweaks (cabling, etc) I've added one AC power regenerator, then upgraded that, and more recently added a Furutech Flux-50 NCF at the inlet of my PS Audio P12 regenerator. I was pretty floored by the impact that device had.

Add Add-Powr products, a relatively unknown (to me, anyway) company that I just learned of on this site less than a year ago. The reviews have been very positive, and I'd discussed them with Ivan a number of times. Based on his recommendations, I became "curiouser and curiouser". In particular, the Wizard seemed to be the hot topic, in terms of return on investment without a huge outlay. Since I do have some other commitments at the moment, Ivan offered to send me one of Add-Powr's very small but (said to be) surprisingly effective products, the Eau 2 Electra-clear. This little cylindrical device is about 1" diameter, and is maybe 3" long, and simply plugs into the wall on the circuit that powers your system. I said okay, send me one!

It's been one week since I "installed" this little guy on my main system. I have to say, I'm surprised once again. Here's a very small and inexpensive device that seems to have improved my system's dimensionality, focus and definition even more, when I really didn't think I could do much better. After all, you would think that once you have a good AC regenerator online, that should be it. It doesn't make sense to me, I really don't know how it works, but within a couple of days I have decided that the Electra-clear stays. Bass seems clearer, and more well defined. Separation between instruments seems greater. It's not "night and day" effect like changing out a major component might have; but it is notable. And, I'm not sure I would characterize the difference as "subtle" either. I'm not the type to do quick "a-b" comparisons with this type of device; I believe one has to live with the product installed for a few days minimum. I trust my ears to make the determination. And my ears are telling me that this product is a "go". I find myself wanting to park in that chair more and more, as these tweaks take me deeper and deeper into the music.

I don't really understand what is going on Ivan would say, it is "goofy". But, the Electra-clear stays.

I give the Electra-clear two thumbs up.


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