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I'm coming to the same conclusion .... years of Pronto use has set my expectations beyond the capabilities of a Harmony Remote

100% correct on the the McIntosh commands for my MX150 and D100 DAC .... also the commands for my Auralic Aries - For the most part I had to teach the Harmony Remote all the commands ... the harmony library was useless for those components

Even a simple component like the Roku Ultra has issues - There are three basic Roku commands -- Home -- Options -- Back .... the default layout puts Home and Options commands on the touch screen and places Back in the middle of the remote - I edit Back for placement on the touchscreen but the Harmony remote varies placement with each sync sometimes leaving the button in the edit position and sometimes reverting to the default position

The Epson projector commands are worse .... the component has separate buttons for power on and power off - The Harmony hasn't been able to adapt even though it has the projector listed in its library and the custom option has a a provision for components with separate power buttons - I can only get a single power command

Programing my own remotes has been a hobby for 25 years (remember the days of the original RTI remotes) so I'd much prefer to program myself - I have another week before the return window closes so I'll try a bit longer but I'm leaning towards exploring other options

A priced right tablet with an IR blaster and wifi capabilities would be perfect ...... I guess a fella can dream

Thanks for everyone's input - The forum continues to rock !!!!

PS --- Ivan we should chat
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