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Default Harmony 950

Originally Posted by all2ears View Post
Been using my reliable and much loved Pronto TSU 9400 for many years but thought I'd look around and see what the latest greatest remote offerings were .... my main criteria was a remote with IR capabilities as my Epson projector doesn't have wifi capabilities

Enter the much acclaimed Harmony 950 - After two weeks of wrestling I've been through one issue after another with their very polite tech support team but nothing has been resolved other than a very long ineffective email stream - They can't explain the problems or offer a solution - The remote has been a huge disappointment

Any suggestions on a reliable IR based touch screen customizable remote .... wifi works with all my other components but I need IR for the projector

PS --- Ivan before you suggest I'd prefer not buying a new projector - LOL

As an ex-Pronto user I feel you pain. You wonít get the level of functionality you had with a Harmony product.

I have learned to live with my Harmony Elite - it has a hub and a decent phone app.

However the Lutron integration and Hunter Douglas PowerView integration are buggy and tech support is unable to fix it.

I second Ivanís suggestion.

Another hint - if you have to call tech support you are probably trying to do something the remote is just not capable of doing. The OS and workflows are so strict that if you deviate from them even a little bit you will be in the weeds.

If you can get the devices working correctly first you can then start to program activities. I found a lot of the McIntosh device libraries to be incorrect, so I had to do some code capture to get it right.
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