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Originally Posted by countingbackwards View Post
I will not be running 2 different amps to save my CCQ hours, that's for sure! I only get to listen ~10-15 hours per week, what with all the time I spend working, at the kids' hockey, etc etc. Every single one of those hours needs to be as much of an event as it possibly can be - and once I have CCQ's in the house, they will have the job of massaging my inner brain and restoring my energy. Well, I guess it's really the music that does that stuff, but only passing the music through my best gear will do!

Though I guess you could say that my headphone rig is my "B" system!

Sindoaddict - funny you should mention the Hommage - my dealer actually has a demo T2 in the store at the moment, but I will not be trying it anytime soon: the CCQ is enough of a financial investment that I don't need to be spending any more for a very long time! It'll be time to enjoy the upgrade that the CCQ's bring to the system.

My guess is that there aren't that many owners of CCQ's'll be interesting to see what are the serial numbers of my units. I saw pictures online of a pair that were built in mid-2011 and were #3 and 4 (the model was introduced in late 2010).
Iím interested to compare Shindo Cortese (or other Shindo SET) with their push-pull power amps Corton versions. Did you have a chance to compare them?
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