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Default RF Universal Remotes

Logitech Harmony Elite w/Hub here. It runs all my gear, the Lutron Caseta lighting, and Hunter Douglas PowerView Shades.

Unless you are looking for deep integration it works great. By deep integration I mean one touch events like placing the source in pause raises the lights to 30%. That is now a 2 step process because the home automation functions like shades and lights canít be combined with simple device control actions. At least I havenít figured out how to do it yet.

Lots of flexibility in power on and power off sequences, including lights, shades, etc. So for example when I start the gear for a movie, all the blinds go down and the lights turn on at 50%.

There is a huge library of devices to choose from, although the McIntosh list is a little thin in spots but still very workable. If your device isnít listed you can always learn its codes, a little tedious but easy to do.

I have an MX 151, C 1100 and the HT passthru works perfectly. I have several activities programmed;
Listen to Vinyl
Listen to Tidal
Watch a Movie
Watch TV
Watch Roku

Highly recommended.

Main System:
Amati Futura Mains
Amati Homage VOX Center,
Proac Response 1sc Rears,
Three MC2301's for L,C,R
MC 602 for the rears
C 1100, MX 151, MCD 1100, MR 80
Nottingham Dais with Wave Mechanic
Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation

SurfacePro 3, RPi 4, ROON, WW Starlight Platinum USB, Schiit Yggdrasil, Benchmark DAC3 HGC

MX 151, OppO BDP-95, JVC RS-500 DILA projector, 106" diagonal Stewart Luxus Screenwall Deluxe with Studiotek 130 G3 material.

Lake House:
Ohm F, MC 275V, C2300, MR 77, Rega P3

McIntosh MAC 4300v
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