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Default Harmony questions

If I wanted to get a Universal remote to control my Panasonic Plasma TV, McIntosh MX121, OPPO 103 and Perhaps my Direct TV box, what would I get? My requirements: Simple, reliable, and programmable BY ME and usable BY MY WIFE.

I have recently made acquaintance with two people who each have Harmony remotes that costs them $400 to be programmed by their dealer. They are not into the hobby, have busy work schedules and are being taken advantage of by their dealer. $400 to add a new source! Are you kidding me! One of them has. MX780 that apparently can only be programmed by a pro. More like a crook.

NFW am I putting myself in a position to have to rely on somebody else to help me add another source to my remote. My friends are being robbed.
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