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I just recently ordered the Harmony Smart Home over the weekend, should be here late this week. For some reason all of a sudden my Harmony 1000 stopped being able to be updated, always stopped at 3%. I never had an issue with it before. After many failed attempts with my main laptop running Windows 8.1 I switched to my old laptop running Windows 7 but ran into the same issue. I had recently updated the remote back in June when I added the Bryston BDP-2 as a device and created an activity for it and there was no sign of any issues then.

If I had of left well enough alone the remote would still be useable but I thought perhaps reloading the firmware would fix the problem. The firmware was successfully reloaded so it's not as if communication to the remote can not be achieved but when loading the programming it failed again at 3%. So now the remote is useless

I also tried updating via the old web page and ran into a similar thing on both laptops, the update stops at step 3 every time. Step 3 comes up as 'Searching for Updated Information'. Perhaps something became corrupt in my account???

In an attempt to keep replacement costs down I decided to give the Smart Home a try as it was on sale for $99 essentially including the simple remote for free. I'm sure it will do the job but it just occurred to me this morning, I had to have my 1000 learn a lot of the commands from the original remotes. I suspect the Smart home, more likely it would be the Harmony hub is not a learning device? If that's the case then I'll still be stuck with keeping additional remotes out which is going to suck.
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