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Congrats !

You will love them.
You remark about the VTL makes me think about 2 things.
- When I got them, I could not find anymore real pleasure listenng to the 2301's next to them on the same speakers. I did not expect so much difference but it was here, with the same cables. And I could not keep the 2301's anymore.
- When Alexander listened to both my Manley and the Shindo set up. He first listened to the Manley with the Wilsons and said roughly " Wow ! . I did
not know both brands but this system sounds very good " Then we switched to the Shindo set up. He started to smile and said " it is a shame to listen to the Manley to preserve the Shindo when you get so much more with the Shindo".
I hear the big difference between them but I still enjoy a lot the Manleys. They have their own strengths.

So we'll be 2 owners of them here at AA.
And I do not know any other anywhere else.
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