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I thought that the CC80's were really just a replacement for the Sinhonia's as the high-powered Shindo amp, using KT88's instead of the more scarce F2A's? I wasn't that into the Shindo "scene" when that happened though, but the timelines seem to indicate that was the case. In any case...both the CC80 and the CCQ that followed are much more powerful than any Shindo amp had been, and my guess is that has to do with Shindo entering the US market in force.

One downside to auditioning the CC80's last week - now I have trouble to get any real enjoyment out of my system with the VTL amp, unfortunately. That doesn't say anything about the VTL really - it's no shame to be outdone by an amp that's triple the price - but it is an unfortunate fact of life for the short-term.

I say for the short-term...because my CCQ's are now on order! It will be quite an upgrade for me...I'm looking forward to green day!

In the interim, I'll save the hours on my cartridge for when the CCQ's will be here, and focus on enjoying my headphone rig for a while, since it sounds every bit as good as it sounded before since it doesn't have anything to do with my speaker amp.
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