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Default Experience w/ A23 and Shindo IC's

Here is my experience. I ran A23 for phono > SUT, SUT > Preamp, and preamp>amp. So I had a full loom of A23, including Speaker cable. Then I bought a 1.0 meter Shindo IC, and tried it in place of the A23 Preamp>amp. That is where it stayed. I felt the noise floor was lower, allowing more detail to come through. With this, there were NO negatives. So the 1.0 meter Shindo replaced the 1.5 meter A23 in that particular run. I have no great desire to change the rest of my IC to Shindo, because the system sounds great. That said, I am curious of anyone else's experience. I believe most run Shindo IC, but of course some run A23. My guess is with either cable, everyone is content, and for good reason. Again, audiophile Nervosa or whatever it is, gets the best of me. Cheers -Don
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