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Well wanted to finish up this thread - The Harmony 950 is strictly a line of site ir remote - Would be ok as long as all your components are in front of you - If you have mainstream components the harmony library should work - The app does allow learning and some basic layout and the Harmony support team will answer questions on a 24 hour turn - In my theater the ir transmission field was to narrow for both activating my front facing components and bouncing off my screen to activate my overhead projector behind me in a single click .... it took two clicks (I could have played around with delayed timing and repositioning the remote between activities but that's a big learning curve for the wife - LOL)

For a system with front facing components and an overhead projector the Harmony Elite with the satellite ir blasters and hub might be a better choice

That said my 10 year old pronto tsu 9400 can do one click activation (your results might vary but works fine in my system) and offers a lot more customization so no sense spending $300 to take a step down

Thanks for everyone's input ..... now It's off to enjoy my turntable which has no remote what so ever !!!!
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