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That conclusion is pretty much nonsense. All my remotes work fine bouncing off the screen to the front IR sensor on the PJ.

I have a Harmony Elite/Hub and a JVC RS-500 4K DILA Projector. I did wire one of the blaster outputs to a remote IR sender located at the back of the JVC PJ. I then disabled the front IR sensor on the PJ.

It all works perfectly. I use the second blaster output to flood the cabinet where all the source equipment and Pre/Pro are located. That all works as well.

Also I'm surprised you are having trouble with the MX 150 / MX 151 interface, because in my system it works just fine. I am using alternate IR codes for my C 1100 - Logitech support choked on that one even though I gave them the HEX codes to make it work. So I just created a C 1100 component and captured all the codes. It works.

My beef with Logitech is their Lutron lighting and Powerview shading interface just doesn't work. I think it must be web API based because it is slow and clunky.

One other thought - if you don't like the interface, in your example a ROKU interface, try one for a different, maybe simpler model. My Roku interface works very well. I think i have a Roku 3. Not sure.

Also one of the things I've found you MUST DO for every component is to measure the amount of time it takes between receiving a power on command and being able to respond to an IR or RF command. You have to use this time to carefully sequence all the gear so that you don't send an IR sequence to a component that is not ready.
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