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Lew, it's been too long since I heard by 800D2's, so I don't recall all of the differences. However, I have one song in particular that I love, and that serves well for hearing differences in equipment. It's Mark Knopfler's "Our Shangri-La" off his Shangri-La CD. I have it in 24 bit, I don't recall the sampling rate. For me, it was hard to hear as separate voices when he sings the chorus in harmony with himself. That was with my 800D2's and ATI 6007 amp, with Bel Canto 2.7 DAC directly feeding the amplifier. The first improvement I heard was when I introduced the ML No. 536 amps: some separation. Next was the No. 523 preamp (DAC -> 523 preamp -> 536 amp): significantly more separation. Lastly I bought the Revel Salon2's: a whole new level of separation to the extent that I hear two very distinct voices. You'll have to excuse my inept description, but the difference is profound and greatly impacts my enjoyment. I loved my 800D2's and listened to them extensively, with glee! But the Revels are my preference between these two.
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