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Exclamation ATTN: User FAQ's & General Site Rules

● Unless you’re an Audio Aficionado Sponsor do not add your website/forum/blog/business name, logo, or active link to your profile.

● Unless you’re an Audio Aficionado Sponsor do not promote your retail business or someone else’s business (i.e. audio dealer, web auction site, address, phone etc). Do not solicit members in any fashion; public, or private for the purpose of selling gear you don't personally own. This includes posting active links in threads, private messages, and emails.

● Active links to audio manufacture's websites are permitted provided there are no purchasing options to Buy any items available on a manufacturer's website.

● Do not post active links to other forums, blogs, or clubs. Special permission may be granted for certain blogs with prior Administrator/Moderator approval.

● Being a Subscriber/Aficionado member is not the same as being a Sponsor. You still must follow above rules. Those wishing to become an Audio Aficionado Sponsor please contact the site owner at the email address below.

● If you’re a Subscriber or Aficionado member, only post your For Sale gear in the Buy/Sell Marketplace. Auctions are not allowed in the Marketplace. All items posted for sale must include the asking price. Do not edit your profile or signature to show gear for sale items, or items wanting to buy.

● Hijacking of a thread is not permitted; new members have a 10 post minimum before they are permitted to start their own thread. This can be eliminated if the new member becomes a Subscriber.

● Do not make posts or threads that offer gear for sale or gear that you want to buy outside of the Marketplace Forum, nor attempt to direct members to auction sites where you are selling gear. You must be a Subscriber or Aficionado member to posts For Sale or Want To Buy items in the Marketplace Forum. Marketplace items will be deleted after 90 days or when item is marked Sold.

● Offensive or vulgar language and/or personal attacks against other members will not be tolerated or permitted on Audio Aficionado. Offenders will jeapordize their membership.

● Political and religious discussions are not part of our forum's mission statement and will not be allowed. Also, the posting of any offensive, vulgar material in any format is strictly prohibited.

● Posting of emails or telephone numbers on the public forum, or as visitors message is also not allowed. Please use the private messaging system.

● Posting links to social media ie: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is not permitted.

● Posting links to auction sites ie: eBay, A-gon etc is not permitted.

● Posting links to promotional websites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or other such websites is not permitted.

● RESIZE ALL PHOTOS to no larger than 1400 pixels wide before posting them on the forum. Any photo that exceeds 1400 pixels in width will be deleted without notice.

DO NOT post active URL's to this forum from any photo hosting websites. Click on the Go Advanced button under any Quick Reply window, then click Insert Image icon (yellow square with mountain inside) to paste a photo URL in the popup window, or by copying a photo hosting website's photo URL, then paste it to the Insert Image icon popup window. Any active URL's for photo hosting websites will be deleted without notice. Repeat offenses may jeopardize membership to this forum.

Flame Trolling:

Flame trolling is the posting of a provocative or offensive message, known as "flamebait", to a public Internet discussion group, such as a forum, newsgroup or mailing list, with the intent of provoking an angry response (a "flame") or argument over a topic the poster often has no real interest in. While flaming can occur as a result of legitimate debates or grievances, flame trolling implies the intentional posting of inflammatory, grossly offensive or menacing rhetoric or images for the fun of it in order to cause others harm.

This is not permitted on AA, and dealt with accordingly.

● Posting of illegal content or making posts defined as spam or inappropriate under the forum rules will lead to you being banned and your activities could be reported to your Internet service provider and any relevant legal authorities. This also includes any emails sent to any administrator, moderator, or owner of Audio Aficionado.

● Duplicate posts/links are not allowed to be posted in multiple forum threads.

● Copyright to forum posts and other information become the property of the forum.

● This is a privately owned site with all rights reserved.

If you have any questions regarding if your post breaks any of above rules, please contact us before posting. You can email

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