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Originally Posted by cheater View Post
Whatever screwdriver I'll use - it'll be VDE one. A VDE screwdriver saved my life once, and I'll be sticking with those. You ultimately never know when you'll need it. I bought the one that saved me on a whim >10 years prior to the near-accident. I was replacing the cable on a power strip (for a longer one) and opened the power strip... turns out it was still energized, and I was touching the ground with my left hand. If my right hand - which was touching the screwdriver shaft at the time - had been holding a non-VDE screwdriver, current would have gone straight through my heart and killed me. The RCD failed (it doesn't respond to the self-test button), the one hand rule failed, I wasn't even wearing shoes, and I forgot to pull the mains plug. Fortunately enough a bit of paranoia from over a decade ago prevailed and all that happened was that one of my fingers got a bit shocked.

Right now I prefer the Wera modular VDE precision screwdriver kit. They make a set where the insulation is flush with the shaft - so the shaft isn't thicker than the driving head. They're really comfortable and, of course, very safe.
Could have used a good insulated screwdriver some decades back when I decided to poke around the back of a CRT computer monitor and found out the hard way what a Flyback Transformer can do in terms of launching a na´ve electronic tech/apprentice clear across the room and make them see Jesus as they peel themselves off the wall.
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