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Originally Posted by crwilli View Post
Wasn’t there a rumor that Ted was working on an ‘ultimate’ level DAC?

I would expect that to be the reason for no more updates to the DS.
To be fair to Ted, he has been working on the Mk2/Obsidian DACs for a while now (2-3 years) but being the tinkerer he is, he found that the optimisations that he made on the next gen stuff could also be transferred to the original DirectStream and he's made at least 2 (if memory serves me right) if not 3 firmware updates for the original DirectStream that have been big jumps in performance as well.

Ted (and PS Audio) could have ended support for the DS DAC about 2 years ago and launched the new models then but I think each time he made an improvement on the DS DAC, he had to go back and figure how to make the Mk2 even better again.
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