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Originally Posted by dkorbal View Post
I’m considering purchasing two Rel S510 to add to my B&W 803D3 while they are on sale for Christmas. But I’m wondering, are there better subs available for my situation? The biggest limitation is width and depth size. The S510s (16Wx16Hx18.25D) are the largest I have room for so nothing larger. I’d prefer a sub with a 10” woofer (I’m thinking 8” too small for mains) and pricing under $3k each. My considerations so far are Rel and B&W. Any suggestions?
Oh, yeah, there is a great alternative now...the KEF KC62. It's getting RAVE reviews everywhere. And, really small.

A friend in another forum has had about half a dozen subs from different mfrs (e.g. Rel, KEF Cube, KEF R400, Elac, 2x Rythmik, etc.) and he says the KEF KC62 is better than any of them.'s small. Less than a foot square, something like 10" And...$1499/each.

Check out Darko's review here:

The thing is...these are excellent subs, and...they are small. Sounds perfect for your requirements.
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