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Originally Posted by jayvis View Post
The Sopra 1 contains a bit more technology including its "W" cone mid-base driver, but I think you need to look at your listening space before making a decision between the two. The Sopra 1 is recommended for listening spaces270-550 square feet, has a sensitivity of 89dB, and frequency response of 45Hz-40kHz. Kanta 2 is recommended for spaces 320-750 square feet, has sensitivity of 91dB, and frequency response of 35Hz-40kHz. You'll definitely need a subwoofer with the Sopra's if you want true full range response and value deep bass. If your room is on the smaller side and you don't mind adding a good sub, the Sopra 1 is a no brainer. Its midrange performance can't be matched by the Kanta's.

Donít know about midrange performance canít be matched by the kanta.

The kanta has a dedicated midrange woofer
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