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Originally Posted by cmalak View Post
Nope. I read a review which was positive on them and I was just curious about them which is why I queried if anyone had heard them to solicit additional feedback. I may seek out an audition and if I hear them, I will certainly report back with my listening impressions.
I've had my 948's in-house for about 2 months now. I've been living with a pair of Linn 5140's as my mains for over 15 years and I was always missing that kick in the gut low end that the Linn's just never provided. For me the 948's deliver phenomenal sound for the price and much closer to a truly dynamic full range speaker.

Ironic as it seems, with my system clearly sounding better than ever, I now want to upgrade the rest of my system! Looking at replacing my Proceed Amp5 with a McIntosh MC207, then down the line either the MX-121, 151, or 160?? to replace my Anthem MRX. In the meantime, I respect these speakers enough that I'm finally doing a proper acoustical treatment to my room. I expect that room treatment alone will really get me closer to audio nirvana.
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