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Default New Question, but related to Sopra/Kanta

Potentially moving up to the Sopra line from the Kanta No1s that I have now.
The question is, can I move from the Kanta 1 to the Sopra 1 and realize a better midrange sound, or would this move me a more lateral move without much to gain?

I currently pair the Kantas with 3 JL Audio E110 subs because this room does double duties for both 2ch and home theater. I would do the same with the Sopras.
I really like the idea of staying with a smaller bookshelf design for this room, which is why Iím attempting to avoid another set of floor standing speakers like the Kanta 2 or Sopra 2. My room is just under 300sqft with 8í ceiling.

Would love to hear from others who use the Sopra 1 or went from the Kanta 1 to another Focal speaker, and why.

Thank you!
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