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I bought a used f110v1. It had a slight hum when only the power was plugged in. Changing the volume or high pass filter didnít make any difference.

After using it for a month or so the sub now has a rumble when not plugged in. The rumble gets louder and quieter with the volume knob and even goes quiet when volume is all the way down. Also changing the high pass filter will affect the sound. Iím assuming that somehow the amp is being fed a constant signal somehow. When I connect it to the receiver via rca it wonít play what is coming from the receiver, just the rumble.

I am planning to open it up and replace the capacitors when I get some free time. I think Iím gonna try to replace all the capacitors so I donít need to order capacitors multiple times.

Does anyone know if it is easy to replace the capacitors at the bottom of OPís picture with the black tar looking like stuff?
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