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Originally Posted by Antonmb View Post
Charles, I think you don’t get many responses because most of us come here for audio and music discussions. We only read this thread when we stumble across it while browsing new posts and, as I did today, lack the self-control to just move on. As you so aptly point out, “what really can be said?” - except to let you know that “what if it’s really true?” is not what’s in the back of my mind.
Tony, I completely respect your comment. That's why I said, "What really can you say." You are 100% correct when you say that this Project is not really appropriate for a website like AA. Just take it for what it is. A marvelous geometrically perfect architectural structure.



p.s. I have said several times I have no experience as an architect. I practiced er medicine for 34 years but was always interested in science and math apart from my field. However, there is a world renown architect that has been following along now for over three years. He receives all finished work for comment as do I. If there were any structural issues or flaws he would let me know. We have become very good friends. He has designed many buildings and also hospitals over his long career. He appreciates that the structure is "perfect". I don't say this to impress but to say that it would be very unwise not to submit a structure like this for scrutiny by a well seasoned highly respected architect. I have also submitted it to one of the foremost authorities in the ancient languages in the world, His comment, "Charles, you must be very proud," said it all. We became very good friends through this Project. In addition, there are several other highly renowned people I have submitted it to, all of whom had nothing but positives. I'm not saying any of this to impress. But for folks to know that I worked in a vacuum for about 8-9 years. Then I felt I should submit my work for review by my peers. The Project is about 15 years old at this point.

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