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Ok, I'll post two more pics. These are by definition mine. I can't for the life of me see how this could harm the Project. The structure below is incredibly complex. Since it truly is geometrically perfect any flaw in the layout by the artist will eventually manifest in the strangest of places, causing me and the artist to lose our hair. When the flaw manifests, its not a simple matter to correct because you can't just "touch it up". You have to go back discover the flaw and start from there. Since every structure theoretically exceeds the limits of the computer program or any computer program and computer, inevitably there is some allowable error. Then it becomes that the "perfect" becomes the enemy of the very best we can do. Every structure and space has a perfect dimension to the nano foot. Any flaw or change would destroy the perfection of the residence and the Project would be cancelled. I lived with this possibility for many years.

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